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business buzz 5-21-10

A weekly roundup of craft, design, and business related news and links:

Should You Make Your Niche Smaller? – Why a focused niche is more successful then a broad approach.

The Three Surprisingly Simple Keys to Success – “You need talent, luck, and persistence. ┬áPick any two.”

Big Brand Copycats – Eye-opening article from the Etsy blog about one designer’s struggle to fight a big brand for copyright infringement.

How to Convert Your Facebook Superfans into Brand Ambassadors – A more structured way to get your biggest fans to evangelize your brand. Jess of Jess LC is doing something similar.

Why Are Women-Owned Companies Smaller Than Men-Owned Companies? – An incredibly fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal that asks “what’s holding back women business owners?”

5 responses to “business buzz 5-21-10”

  1. Holly

    Great links! Love the Why Are Women-Owned Companies Smaller Than Men-Owned Companies.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisette Fee

    You always post such insightful links! All the advice and information is so helpful in planning and researching for starting my own business!

  3. Jess LC

    Thank you so much for sharing my Ambassador program! I am thrilled at the response so far :).

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Courtney - Meylah

    Excited to read ‘Big Brand Copycats’ and the conversion article on FB about creating Ambassadors of your brand. Thanks for your roundups, I look forward to seeing your suggested reads every week & I appreciate that quality of content you include!

  5. Holly Wilcox


    Just wanted to say thank you for all these great posts and links – I have just graduated in jewellery design and plan on making a living from it (or trying!!!) and I’m pretty terrified! Your blog is so helpful and I feel less scared and more advised every time I read it..! Thanks (:


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