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A weekly roundup of craft, design, and business related news and links:

In case you missed it Wednesday here are two articles talking about Old Spice’s viral campaign and why you should have remarkable marketing:

13 Reasons Why Old Spice’s New Social Media Campaign is Pure Brilliance

Old Spice: The Man Your Content Could Smell Like

How to Develop an Endless Source of Ideas that Sell – outlines a three step process for coming up with new ideas

How Do I Find the Right Place to Sell My Art Online? – four steps to help you figure out where to set up shop

Two views on artists and self-promotion:

3 Tips for Artists to Promote Themselves & Their Galleries

The Art of Self-promotion for Visual Artists

Sick of waiting for results? Here are 16 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website or Blog Today

Want to find business advice between Business Buzz posts?  Here are two different lists of great business blogs:

10 Essential Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs

15 Blogs To Follow If You Want To Kick Ass Online

How To Recover From 10 Types of Demotivation – Stuck in the Summer doldrums?  Here are some ideas to help you get your mojo back.

fail fast or grow slow?


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    Hi Megan! Thanks for including the “16 Ways to Increase Traffic…” post from Think Traffic here. I’m glad you liked the article. This is my first time at Crafting an MBA. I love the concept. Congrats on your progress here.

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    Love what your doing here. We share some similar views and have worked hard at creating alternative pathways for independent artist. Viral marketing is the only cost effective means of communicating your product in this economic environment. That said one must also give great thought to the delicate balance between market exposure and compromise to copyright protections. Take a look at what resources are available to members of the Yellow Llama community.


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