business buzz 9-11-10

A weekly roundup of craft, design, and business related news and links:

Legal Resources for Starting an Art Business in the U.S. – you may be selling your work, but are you doing it legally?

Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Facebook – yes, Facebook is an important tool for growing your business, but it’s your website that you have complete control over.

Selling Art Online: Using Social Proof on Your Art Website – if everybody else is doing it, so will your potential customers

How to Re-Ignite Your Blogging Fire When You’re Feeling Burnt Out – been blogging for a while and just run out of ideas? Here are some new ones (or you could also check out Scoutie Girl’s 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion e-book)

How to Measure Social Media’s Impact on Customer Retention – so you’re out there, but is it making any difference to your business?

6 Ways to Lose Customers, Credibility & Friends On Social Media – are you too personal or negative in your social media life?

How to Make People Remember You – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how great your work is if no one remembers who you are

fail fast or grow slow?


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    Hi Megan,

    Philadelphia is hosting the 5th annual DesignPhiladelphia event October 7-17. I’m interested in a few of the events and wanted to pass along the info to you in case you (and your readers) might be interested too. Most of the events are free to the public. Here’s the website: . I’d like to attend the following + many more:

    Gourmet Typography Workshop
    The Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
    How To Launch Your Design Product In The Marketplace
    Design: The Key to Business Innovation

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