business buzz 8-20-11

A weekly roundup of craft, design, and business related news and links.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Art – Originally geared toward 2d artists, you could easily translate this into any creative endeavor.  Thoughts on composition, concept, and color.

I Am A Blog Reader. This Is A List Of My Demands: Ideas from someone who reads blogs about what draws readers to particular blogs.

Small Business Tip Tuesday: Are You Getting Found? It’s hard to cut through all the clutter out there. Ken talks about the way nurturing relationships helps you do this.

Benefits of Last-Minute Marketing – She doesn’t mean wait until the last minute to market, but how marketing right up until the last minute can be beneficial.

Social Media Promotions and the Law: What You Need to Know – You’ve heard from everyone that giving it away will get you followers/customers/fans etc.  But you need to make sure your contest isn’t really a lottery and what the laws are regarding contests in your state.

Can’t Start, Won’t Start: Tricks for Overcoming Procrastination – Ways to help you get those things done that you keep putting off.

And two posts talking about saying “No” to clients:

Turning Down Work That Isn’t Right for You & Sometimes What You Don’t Do Is Just As Valuable As What You Do

fail fast or grow slow?


  1. Joanne Littler says

    Megan- I really appreciate you mentioning my post. Your site is packed with great information specifically targeting crafts-people – an incredible resource! I’m honored to be included in your Business Buzz.

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