Are you tired of seeing your competitors featured in the media, all the while thinking "that should have been me!"?

Are you keeping your head down, assuming that if you work hard, the media will just find you?

Are you waiting until you're "ready" before you try and reach out to the press?

Are you frustrated that more people don't know about you, your mission, your products, or your services?

If this sounds like you, we're going to let you in on a little secret...

You miss 100% of the press you don't pitch!

Getting featured in the press doesn't have to be some scary, overwhelming process.  And it doesn't even require your business to be "ready" (whatever that means) to get started.  

Instead, getting your work featured in the press is about taking consistent, strategic action.

That's where we come in!

 The 60 Day Press Push is unlike any other media outreach program on the market. This isn't just a class about the how or why of reaching out to the press.  Rather, it's designed to help you take consistent action in reaching your media goals.  Each week, you'll learn how to pitch a different media outlet, from podcasts to blogs to magazines and gift guides, and you'll make at least one pitch each week to a media outlet that's right for you!

By the end of this program, you'll have sent out 6 to 8 highly targeted pitches to some of your dream media outlets. And you'll have the knowledge and systems in place to keep pitching long after the program ends!!

New for 2017, The 60 Day Press Push now features two tracks - one for product designers, makers, and artists, and one for thought leaders and service providers.  Whatever your business, you'll get a pitch prompt and lesson each week that works for you!

In The 60 Day Press Push, you'll learn how to:

*Avoid overwhelm by gaining focus in your press outreach!

*Develop highly targeted pitches that stack the deck in your favor!

*Get every part of your business, from your personal story to your product photography, media ready!

*Build pitching the press into a consistent practice for accelerating your business growth!

*Plus, you'll be held accountable so that you have no choice but to send out quality pitches week after week!

Ready to get started? The 2017 edition of The 60 Day Press Push starts May 1st and runs through June 23rd!