A book for artists, designers, makers, and creatives by Megan Auman

Overcome your fears and doubts and learn why pursuing profit should be at the heart of every artist, maker, and creative's business strategy!
Stop letting mental blocks hold you back from making more money and creating your best work!  Your work, your art, has value to the world, and embracing that value is the key to finally feeling confident in the prices you need to charge to make a living selling what you make.
As a creative business educator, I've watched countless makers struggle with fear and self-doubt that have literally crippled their businesses.  But more importantly, as an artist and maker myself, I've experienced all these same fears.
Learn how I overcame self-doubt and the starving artist mentality and embraced the true value of my work, and how you can do the same, in The Purpose of Profit!

In The Purpose of Profit, you'll discover:

  • Why making money is the key to making your best work.
  • Why pursuing profit isn't about being motivated by money.
  • How to overcome self-doubt around the value of what you make.
  • Why the world needs your art.
  • The true value of what you make.
  • The myths of affordability and accessibility.
  • How to make running your business part of your creative process.
  • Why it's essential that we have conversations about money.
  • And much more!

When you purchase The Purpose of Profit, you'll instantly receive:

         *A 48 page PDF ebook, beautifully designed to read on any device!
         *A 40 minute audio-version, so you can listen while you work!
         *A second PDF featuring 8 printable posters to hang in your studio!

Through February 1st, I'm donating 100% of the sales from this e-book to the ACLU!  Click here to buy now!

About the author:  Megan Auman is an artist, designer, metalsmith, and educator who has built a multifaceted business around her passion for great design and sustainable making.  Her eponymous jewelry line is sold in stores across the US and online.  In 2009, she founded Designing an MBA, which features business thinking for designers and makers.  She is a frequent speaker and teacher on topics ranging from pricing to marketing to wholesale and running a creative business.

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